Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does Lady Gaga need a Stylist?

Lately, Charlotte has been WAY into changing her clothes/outfits 3-5 times per day. It think its kind of cute, however, Dave isn't as big a fan since he does the laundry. At any given time you can walk into her room and find several little piles of clothes. (flashback to me at ages 11 to am I kidding....I still cant keep my strawberry shortcake jean skorts off the floor)
So, I walk in from work this evening and she meets me in the hall, obviously in mid wardrobe change, and says, "hey, Mom, look-it...."

apparently she had the next few changes all ready to go:

I'm a fan of the polka dot skirt and strawberry tshirt combo...but as we all know, I tend to go against the grain.

Speaking of "against the grain"....apparently certain members of my family dont believe I actually go out of the house in some of the stuff Ive posted...sorry, Mom, just ask Dave, he braved Target with me and my lovely striped legging/color blotch Tshirt combo....but that was me on an errand day. This is me on a typical work day. More with the grain, but hopefully still with a little Meghan flair.

Super soft suede jacket...thrifted. awesome.

LEE High waisted, pleated, pants...thrifted
T-shirt with cute little jousting knights...thrifted
70's glasses....ETSY

Brown suede T-strap heels Mervyn's a few years ago

Yep....think thats it....oh, and Im not pissed off I swear....just not used to taking a pic that will have my face in it, blame the etsy shop

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project My Way

Picture this....two sisters, close in age, alike in many ways and different in just as many. This is the story and culmination of those two sisters revelling in their similarities and embracing whole heartily their differences.

My sister and I have seen each other through many fashion trends and unfortunate style choices (can we say mile high 80's bangs?) To her credit she has always played it a little safer fashion wise which of course has made for much more enjoyable photo albums.:) That said, I have always been envious of her ability to pull off classic looks flawlessly which is a tribute to her classic beauty.

Ever since we have known we would be spending the week together we have wanted to do a joint blog project and sometime during our first few hours together I think I said something to the affect of, "I want to dress you!?" to which she responded "only if I can dress you!" Such is the origin of the madness you see before you.

I really loved this look on her, It reminded me of something that she might actually wear..... if she accidentally ate the "special" brownies at the community bake sale.;)
I decided that I wanted to do another outfit because these weren't actually MY clothes they are intended for the etsy shop. I picked these next pieces out of my closet and I think the outcome was even better. She actually wore this to dinner that night!

Vintage slip + long cardigan + broken in frye boots = cowgirl chic :)

I love that she loved this outfit as much as I did, makes me even happier!!!
One memorable conversation we has during our visit was about how, now that I am almost 2 years comfortably (eek!) into my 30's and she is only 2 short months (EEK!!) to the big 3-0, we have become unconsciously much more comfortable with ourselves and our personal styles. Which I think is as awesome trade off for fleeting youth ;)

Speaking of fleeting youth....

heheheehee...I kid. This look was fun. The bright colors arent what I was quite used to, but I loved how she added the black bracelet and headband to tone down the brightness and give it a little edge.
We had so much fun making each other feel silly. What is better than playing barbie, hanging with your favorite sissy and laughing 'til you cry?....pretty much nothing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sorry for the long time between posts, we just finished up a fabulous visit with my sis and her family and my mom, or as Char calls her "Grama-darlin". We had such an awesome visit and it went by way too fast! The kids had a blast together just being in each others company, as were their parents!:) Im pretty sure Char wants to be Sarah when she grows up.
So today we took Mom to the airport and now our house is relatively quiet again. When I realized that Char and I were dressed so...hmmm...brightly, I thought we must be compensating for the quiet in our house with our ultra loud colors.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home is defined differently by different people. For me, Home is chilling with my silly husband and equally silly daughter watching movies or playing games. Home is having my own sanctuary of creativity that can takes the shape of anything from sweatshop to design loft. I guess home is its simplest form.

This is the before and after of Dave headed out to work and then that evening after work....Oh, and that is the shirt I made him for Christmas....Isnt he a great model?

My Studio....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Garden Variety Find

Pop quiz. What do Dolce and Gabanna, Dianne Von Furstenberg, and Half off day at Salvation Army have in common? You guessed it....

Wacky Stylized Floral Prints!!!!

I found this beauty the other day and it wasnt until I got it home that I realized how brilliant it actually is. I noticed that it was probably custom made for somebody because there was no label and the craftmanship was impeccable. There are little jewel cut buttons at the neck and arm closures and of course the print....AMAZING!
No, this is NOT a gratuitous butt shot, I was trying to get the SASSON label...yep, thats right, that sought after label of the 80's lives on in these pants. They are so cool with their high waist and stove pipe pleated legs. Check them out here.

Oh, and another sad realization, I need to stock up on Nair and spray tan cuz these stems aint seen that much light of day in years!