Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vintage Cyber Sale

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mary Janes and Maryjane.

So, I haven't been a total slacker, as my lack of blog updates would suggest. I've been updating Sifted Vintage like a madwoman.  Ive amassed a huge group of shoes in the last few weeks and they have been begging to be listed. When snakeskin and leopard print beg, one must obey.  These are a few of my favorites.

                                                    Sweet Mary janes meet Funky 70's.

I can still remember the day and place I got these last "beauties". I was in Tennessee thrift shopping with my Mom and sis (I know, your shocked.) They caught my eye from a bottom shelf and I gasped, snatched them up, and turned to my sister panting,  "Aren't these hideous!?....I LOVE them!"
    You can only imagine the eye rolling that in sued.

Anyways, the time change has done a number on my outfit posts as lighting is always a challenge.  I managed to snap these at work. 


Speaking of awesome shoes, I recently scored these at a local vintage shop in Santa Cruz. I can still remember my thoughts as I walked in the door and spotted the old bearded hippie sitting in the back of the store surrounded by sequins, embroidery and corduroy.  "Wow, how does this guy sell anything in this musty, cluttered space". Ive never been one to back down from a treasure hunt so I commenced my sorting and sifting.  I soon came to realize after a few very short visits from other patrons, followed by a familiar herbal aroma, vintage was not how this guy paid his mortgage.

I can now add "contact high" to the list of things that I endure in the name of fashion.