Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flash Dance

This past weekend I got away for a fun Bachelorette weekend in San Francisco for my friend, Alexis...It was a lot of fun, filled with girl gab, cab rides, shopping, wine and cheese ingesting, hill walking, ice skating (yep, in cant beat it), and to cap off the weekend  Mimosas. . During a delicious brunch at a spot that prides themselves on their "Bottomless Mimosas." I managed to get quite "tipsy".... I mean, "drunk" is such a strong word isn't it? 

Which brings me to the splendor you see before you...

After our champagne filled brunch we opted for last minute shopping  and stumbled (hehe) into the American Apparel were I discovered, to my drunken bliss, that they carried children's clothes. More specifically little girl's gold dance leggings...genius.

Had I  been  more sober I probably wouldn't have risked such a bold (and overpriced)  purchase on my fashionably head strong daughter, but luckily for me she LOVED them and the Abby Cadaby shirt that I got to go with them. My only problem now is that I'm pretty sure her preschool teachers think I have her in training for "Toddlers and Tiaras"...ugh.

She is a fan.

Monday, July 19, 2010


My beautiful, smart, funny, headstrong, sweet, and sassy girl turned four on the 1st of July. It's been a crazy month and am just now getting around to posting about her birthday. First of all I have to say that I cant believe this little girl has been lighting my life for four years already.  I feel so lucky to have such an amazing child, who shows me everyday the way to have passion for life in a way that can only be demonstrated by the spunky little four year old that she is.  The last few months she has been revelling in the fact that she was turning four, with comments such as "maybe I will try that when Im four", or "I will be able to do that by myself when I'm four", and now that she IS four I love seeing how she has taken a genuine interest and bravery in doing those things that she feels are adequate for a four year old. 

I made her dress with her help in picking the fabric...(she liked the pink and blue floral) I had to improvize and use the blue knit for the body of the dress because I didnt have enough floral to do the entire thing. She was definitely "in like" with the dress. She humored me.  I had to break my rule of letting her wear whatever she wants...she probably would have worn her swimsuit the whole day, but I insisted she put the dress on atleast for a little bit since there is a good 5 hrs labor in that thing.

Her party was a blast, filled with family, friends, pool and "slip and slide" fun, pinata beating and of course birthday cup cakes.

the gang.