Monday, February 28, 2011

Canadian Tuxedo

The Monday morning after working for an entire weekend is not the most innovative outfit creating time, let me tell you. Exhibit A is the above look which consists of denim on top AND bottom...aka the "Canadian Tuxedo", and I have to tell you, I dont hate it. I am a fan of Canada and all things Canadian with the exception of maybe Celine Dion, oh and Ryan Reynolds, he is just way to handsome and charming for his own damn good. I digress, now I know what to wear should I ever visit our hip Northern Neighbors, eh?

Just for fun I would like to introduce you to Cody who is probably the most emotionally aware little three year old I have ever seen. She will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions in 2 minutes that most movie blockbusters can't achieve in 2'll laugh, you'll cry, you will wonder about the fate of our childrens generation, and just when you think all hope is lost she will have you laughing again. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is my first attempt at mobile blogging. I took this picture with my iphone and no editing accept cropping. What do we think?

My favorite part of this outfit is the necklace that I just got at Forever 21 the other day. And to think I almost put it back.
There should always be a place for disco balls in fashion, right?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lace in Licorice

For some reason, I find myself looking for the right proportions of pieces when Im putting together outfits and then the coordination is usually an afterthought. With this look I went for the lace top and then wanted a longer vest to top it off. I was so excited to discover how these two fabrics play off of each other in such an unexpected way.

Lace Top: Vintage Express
Sweater Vest: thrifted
Shoes: Marshall's

Isn't black lace so feminine and fiery at the same time? I love how it is a contradiction of itself.

just for future reference:  peep toe + rainy day= soggy socks

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day!

 I totally forgot that today was Valentine's Day. I blame my hubby who failed to shower me with gifts upon my immediate awakening. Maybe someday he will learn.

 Anyways, I was glad that I ended up with a somewhat festive outfit anyways. Light pink counts as Valentine-sy, right?

When I first put this outfit on I didnt have the skirt with it, I thought better of it when I realized the shirt may creep up. I often don't shy away from wearing leggings as a stand alone bottom piece, although I have heard some opinions that "leggings shouldn't be worn as pants". My feeling on the issue is that as long as your "assets" are covered thoroughly and you feel comfortable, just rock it. I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter as well?

Also, do you dress in theme for holidays?

Blouse: Men's thrifted
Cashmere tank: thrifted
Skirt: Paper Denim and Cloth (thrifted and chopped off)
Leggings: Danskin
Boots: Vintage Frye

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let's Pretend

Can we just pretend it hasnt been 2 months since I blogged? Okay, to business.

Yes, I have purple tights on and, No, this wasnt an early morning sleepy eyed mistake.
Have you ever tried to plan your outfit the night before and found yourself to be much more ambitious then what you would have been had you put together an outfit that morning?

Well, this look is the result of me bowing to my midnight stylist self and just going with it....purple tights and all.

Snakeskin belt, blouse, skirt(Gap): all thrifted
Purple tights: Sock Shop


Happy to be back, looking forward to more frequent posting!!
I encourage you to listen to your midnight stylist every once in a while, I am so glad that I did because it made my day much more fun :)