Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beauty. Love. Fashion. What else do we need?

To most people work can be a place of stress, hassles, irritation and headaches. Although we have all had each of these things at one time or another, for me, work, Ericka Engelman Couture, is a place of beauty, creativity, positivity and laughter.  I have more fun with these three ladies than you could ever imagine. Between our wide range of conversations , continuous snacking and retail therapy, we actually manage to get some work done and create some amazing pieces, who would have thought? 

This little lady, and yes I do literally mean little (is it 4'11", Ash?), is who I will call our "good girl". She is the youngest of us at ONLY 24 (as of this Friday).  Never have I met somebody who has both so much, and so little life experience simultaneously. Ashley is quick to joke and quick to laugh, and for those of us lucky people she considers friends she would pretty much do anything (unless it gets between her and her best buddy J.C.) Did I also mention she is also easy to tease and can take a joke with the best of them? Pound for pound she has more talent then anybody I know. Though today she a bit sporty spice, she can rock a pair of granny chic high waisted pants with the best of them.

Ah, my girlie, Yessica...Gotta love her. Probably one of the most driven people I know with a heart of gold. Her only flaw being that she wants to give as much as she can to as many people as she can and still try to  maintain sanity. She is about to graduate with honors (no pressure, Yess) from FIDM in San Francisco and somehow manages to keep her family and her boss happy at the same time. She is one quarter of our very cool club known as the DMCs (Dorky Married Couples for you losers that don't know). My fellow thrifter extraordinaire who might be as cheap as me ;) and the other half to our lovely Etsy shop. She has a classic and feminine flair in her styling and a boot collection that would put Emelda Marcos to shame.

And then of course there is Ericka, I know few so generous, loving, funny, creative and intelligent all rolled up into one person. I have worked for this lovely lady for nearly ten years now and it has truly been a joy every step of the way.  It is so great when you have a boss that you also consider a friend and I am truly aware that most people aren't so lucky. Ericka and I have now worked together so long that we are like an old comfortable married couple...finishing each others sentences, arguing the same points, rolling our eyes at each other and laughing until one of us nearly pees our pants.  Ericka's style is very much in the vein of Vera Wang. Usually black, keep it simple and classic, dont distract from the sartorial genius that is unfolding before her. (to be fair, she didnt get my "Im taking your picture tommorow" text. This is her getting shit done look. But did you see those shoes? perfection.)

I love these women. period.

Whose that chick?

...emergency eyelash removal....spontaneous chorus line....just a typical day at Ericka Engelman Couture.

Oh, and sometimes we work.

                                                         But, we ALWAYS have a good time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today my boss asked if this sweater was Pucci. I didnt realize how much the print looks Pucci-ish until she said that. Before I was kind of "eh" about this sweater, but now I have found a new love for it. Funny how an innocent comment can make you rethink your opinions.

The houndstooth blouse is one of my faves. It is a beautiful silk in black and white, I just love the way it drapes in such a comfy but stylish way.

Me and My girl.(for the grandparents ;))

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sucker for Strange

I have come to the realization that I have a soft spot for anything unique, out of the ordinary, rare... (shocked aren't you?). So, of course when I scored these two beauties in the same day I thought I was in a Weird Wonderland! These cork (as in: ALL cork) wedges are so amazing...the perfect transitional shoe into the summer, although I can totally see myself sporting them through until the fall.

and THEN I come across this vintage Betsey Johnson pterodactyl jacket! (both at my local Salvation Army).

I know, I know you hate me...dont worry, dinosaurs are sooo last season anyways.

In my research on the piece I discovered that Betsey Johnson is buying back vintage pieces in order to create a sort of museum collection. So, Im debating selling it back to them. I think it is absolutely adorable and I am really tempted to keep it. If anyone has any input on the matter (other than "ditch the ugly dinosaur jacket!") I'm open to it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rainy Day Musings...

1. So, apparently wide legs are on the rise again this spring...what!? They were only gone for....wait, were they ever really gone? Anyways, my friend Lex gave my these beauties the other day and I'm debating my dedication to this trend. This particular pair are LOOOWWW...low like you better make sure you've had sufficient waxing recently, low. I opted for a long t-shirt for fear of any muffin top/granny panty combo that might rear its ugly head. not cute.
basically the jury is out for me....

2. On the family front...Meemee went in for a minor procedure.
Not to worry, she came out of it okay. It was nothing a few sewing tools and some aftercare couldn't fix.

The proud surgeon.

3. There is a vintage fairy in our midst. A lovely package of beauties showed up in the mail like manna from heaven, and I couldn't be happier. Many, many thanks to the generous donor. They will come in very handy if not in the shop then DEFINITELY in MY closet! Truly an amazing lady, with great taste!

4. Do you guys know Tumblr? It is sooo cool for quick easy blogging...its sort of the twitter of blogging if you will. It is especially great for specialty/research based blogging. Here is my account that I just started...I am having a ball!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fully InVESTed

So, really now...who doesn't love a good vest? Not only are they the perfect layering piece, but they are probably the most flattering piece of clothing you can own. They give curve where there was none and accentuate a waist that is lacking. Vests are my friend, I love vests just about as much as I love the pocket-thumb-hook/ hip-pop combo...hehe.

I just listed these three beauties in the etsy shop...I have a feeling they wont last long!

Dont take my word for it....Vests are everywhere!

Look familiar?

I want to know.....what is your "go-to" piece of clothing that makes you feel amazing and confident?