Friday, September 24, 2010

Knock the Socks Off?

I was so loving my outfit today, I felt comfy and flowey and layery all day long...ahhh. I feel like all the layers and prints on top balanced my bare legs, as did the socks with my wedge sandals.

One of my mom's favorite phrases when we were growing up and getting into trouble was:

"Hey! Knock it OFF!" 
(to be read in your best nasal California accent)

This, of course, meant:
"You girls better quit whatever it is you are doing or someone is gonna be in trouble!"

At the time, the phrase made no sense to me,  but now, as I find the phrase boiling up to my own lips, it has all become SO clear. Love you, Mom ;)

This brings me to the topic of the day. I have been seeing an awful lot of socks with sandals and pumps over the last few months and I thought I would take a crack at it. Typically, I'm not one for blindly following trends, but there seems to be a bit of practicality in this one. As we embark into chillier months the socks allow us to keep on rocking our summer footwear, while still keeping the tootsies cozy and warm. Blister protection is a bonus too!

So, to my millions of readers out there (cough, cough) I ask you:
Socks or Not?
Leave them for the Grandpas in Bermuda!
Rock those Socks!



Green dress: thrifted $3
Black and white floral dress: thrifted $4
Wedge Sandals: Grandma snagged these babies for me before they went on the shelves at her volunteer thrift store...$3
Socks in question: Target $1

But, I think I'm already sold.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leather and Lace

These boots are my recent "go-to"s. They work with most everything in my wardrobe...even black, as you can see. I cant believe I haven't talked about them yet! Whats really great about them, besides the soft suede and ultra cool cuff, is the fact that they are sort of a slide clog type thing, so they give the illusion that your legs are longer than they actually are.

I found this vintage slip from Bergdorf's a couple of weeks ago at Salvation Army. I was so stoked to find it, the quality of the lace and silk are so much higher than your average lingerie.

Jacket: Merona via Goodwill ($6)
Tank: American Apparel via Salvation Army ($3)
Slip: Salvation Army ($2)
Leggings: Target ($4)
Boots: Steve Madden via DSW ($40)
                                                       Necklaces: Etsy and Modcloth

I seem to be developing an affinity for lingerie during the day. I'm guessing it stems from the  "I don't give a &%#$" attitude that I have developed since the day I turned 30. Ive made sort of an unconscious decision to dress for myself and no one else. I am lucky to work in a place where there is virtually no dress code other than "clothes". Meat, unfortunately, is not an option, so I'm guessing I wont be discussing fashion tips around the water cooler with Lady Gaga anytime soon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yard Sale Season

I turn into such a dork whenever we do our yard sales (which is beginning to be every year). I get all excited about haggling with the the bargain hunters and especially displaying all of our wares in an aesthetically pleasing manner .  Suddenly I'm 7 years old, playing "Museum" with my sister and our friends. Picture stuffed toys on pedestals with placards reading "Cabbage Patch eating Dinner" and "Care bear at Play".  Yes, I know what you're thinking...I've already got a call into Mattel... I'm pretty sure there is money to be made in a "My First Museum" Set.  I'll let you know how it pans out.

Boredom's culmination.

They just don't make labels like they used to.

Maybe if I stand here and act interested, people will stop and want to buy our crap...stuff...valuable items...

Inside book jacket  for "Living Life RAD: a Biography"

(P.S. Happy Birthday to my RAD hubby!!!)

The biggest problem with pulling out all of our old stuff to sell is that Charlotte starts to fall back in love with all of her old toys. I'm pretty sure I know where she gets it considering the pile of clothes that I rescued from the sale to "try again".  Here she demonstrates to some patrons how handy a jogging stroller might be, while partaking in a little sippy cup action.

"This can be a big girl cup too, huh Mama?"

Sure, Char, whatever you say....