Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Built in Buddies...Our 30th Anniversary

Today my beautiful sister turns 30 and what better way to honor her than with a montage of family pictures full of nostalgia and with just a dash or two of embarrassment thrown in for good measure. These days are long gone, but they have made us who we are today...

No, that is not my Baby-pees-Alot doll, that is my cherub-like little sister.

I have a bone to pick with you, come she got the cute swept over barrette and I got the devil horns version?

If it pleases the court, I'd like to enter the above pictures into sister has severe Wedgaphobia (fear of wedgies)...I think I may have found the reason, overalls and suspenders a plenty!

We have weathered many trends together...who remembers these beauties? I know they had a name but can't for the life of me remember!?? (can anyone help me out? or was this just an Alabama thing?)
(alternate caption: "you cant get mad for any of the pictures I posted of you because I posted THIS ONE of myself")

You know the other team was shaking in their cleats when they saw us coming...that's right, cleats not KEDS, geez, who wears keds to play softball? Oh yeah, the same chicks who bobby pin their hats to the back of their heads so as not to squash the bangs....sigh....

Berry picking or Jazzercise? decide!

Can't you just smell the beauty?

Now that we are both in the infancy of our third decade, I can safely say that we are as close as two sisters can be, taking every chance to laugh at those adolescent and pre-adolescent days when we thought we were the coolest kids on the block, revelling in the lives that we have created for ourselves and looking forward to watching each others children and grandchildren grow up...hoping against hope that they too will one day feel a love that is a kin to what we have as sisters.

Happy Birthday, Deedee!!!! I love you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Low Light High Expectations

I was really hoping to get some good pics of this outfit because I really felt comfortable and stylish all day, the fact that I didn't get home until close to sunset made it more difficult to document.  I ended up getting a little funky on the editing to compensate.

Black tee: Kohl's
Pleated Capris: Vintage LizWear thrifted
Suede Platforms: Target
Denim jacket: Boy's Route 66 thrifted


Had to document these awesome "shoulder dusters" that I think really complimented to grey of the pants and gave the look an edgier feel.

I think this may be my favorite new picture backdrop. The rusted tin panels are so wonderfully patinaed and the little tendril of green add a complimentary color.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rockin' Haircut and the Gap Girls

Loving my new do by Maureen. She really knows her way around a set of scissors!

I really wanted to style it up for the unveiling of the new haircut.

This skirt is meant to be worn on the hips, but I decided to hike it up and cinch it for a more high waisted look. Ive really been into cinching lately, which totally reminds me of this classic SNL skit. It could be where my unhealthy crush on Adam Sandler began. Okay, I gotta stop before I further date myself.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dave's sister Maureen tops the list of people I would call if I was in need of:
  A)  a good time out on the town
  B) a story that could make me laugh my ass off
  C) a rockin' new haircut

Although, I'm pretty sure that the simple fact that I just used the phrase "out on the town" automatically renders me not cool enough to do so.

I love this picture of her, because ,for me, it captures who she loving, carefree, and lovable.       

          I asked her to come over dressed as if she were gonna be featured in some one's blog. I'm pretty sure she didn't know what I meant, but of course she didn't let me down and showed up in all her stylish Maureen glory. complete with the shirt I made and was lucky enough to trade for a previously mentioned "rockin' haircut". Seriously, this girl can style an outfit like nobodies bidnez. She will put things together that anybody with less fashion ca hones wouldn't dare attempt. and it works. every. single. time.
I like to think that we are kindred spirits when it comes to style. We both would prefer to go for the unexpected rather than the safe. I am so happy to say she is now officially a local girl again, back up from a long stint in Southern Cali....Thank God I don't have to suffer through Shaggy Overgrown Hair Syndrome anymore. (what SOHS? don't think its a real affliction? sure it is just look it up , right under CNPF...Chronic Nail Polish Fatigue...of which I am also a victim)

Welcome back girlie! We've missed you!!!

               Cinco de Mayo strawberry margarita and a smile!

As you can see, Char is a fan of some Aunt Mo too....

I mean really, who wouldn't be?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

DIY: Paper Bag Waist Mini Skirt

This shirt has been hanging in my closet for a long time now for a few simple reasons. I love the color, the drape and lightness of the fabric are amazing, however, I pull it out of the closet, I put it on and ,every time, I put it back (read: on the floor).  So I decided that I needed to give it new life. When I saw this post from one of my new favorite style bloggers and one of my first thoughts was "hey that looks like...." I knew what I had to do.

What you will need:
-men's button down shirt (I say men's because they are bigger and cut more square)
-sewing machine ( you can hand sew or even rock a raw edge, why not!?)

Step One: Cut off Sleeves...although this isn't completely necessary it will get you over the whole "I'm cutting up my clothes" angst.
Step Two: figure out the length you want on the skirt. I just held it up in the mirror cinching it at the waist and then added a few inches for above the belt and seam allowance.
Step Three: Finish off the top edge. On this one I double folded and stitched a small hem, but I think in the future I will allow for a deeper hem in order to keep the top edge stiff and allow it to stay up.
Step Four: Pick your favorite belt and cinch it up!
Have Fun!!!