Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's in my Vintage Genes.

What you ask?
My neurotic search for the ultimate deal?... Obsession with sporting all things odd?.... longing to daydream about the history behind all my thrifted finds?

Well, maybe, but mostly I was talking about that A-S-S!
Holy moly!, today is the day I realized that my ass is the exact genetic mix of my parents. I don't know if its the 70's Calvin Klein's that brought about this revelation but there it is, in all it's...er...glory?
So call me sick, strange, what have you, but consider this your warning...every one of us is slowly turning into our parents...one cheek at a time.

Tube top: Express ($20)
Jeans: Vintage Calvin Klein  ($5)
Sandals: Italian leather thrifted ($8)
Gold elastic belt: thrifted ($?)

My sweet almost-four-year-old rocking her new  "big girl"  haircut...Aunt Maureen strikes again and Charlotte couldn't be happier.
mmmm....gotta love the savory taste of little fingers...something about the way day old dirt, and PB and J goo, compliment the hint of salty booger so wonderfully.

Geez, Meemee, why do you have to give away all her secrets!?

My Mom just posted an answer to my post HERE...love her!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fatherhood in Style.

These three guys are probably three of the best fathers that I know (besides mine, of course.) I was thinking how funny it is that they are all in different stages of fatherhood. Tommy (left) got to celebrate his first official Father's Day today with his beautiful son, James. He is as doting a father as I have ever seen and there is no doubting the love that he has for his little boy. Little James is one lucky baby boy. Dan (middle) is the father of three amazing boys who are as in love with their daddy as he is with them. I can already tell, though they are all under six, that they are going to grow into three amazing men with him as a role model. Of course you may recognize the Super Daddy on the right. Dave is my rock and such an awesome Daddy to his little girl. She pretty much has him wrapped around her little finger and I don't think he would have it any other way.

That is why making shirts for all of these great guys was all the more enjoyable. Dave's shirt I made for his birthday this year, and then Dan's wife Kelly thought he would like on for his birthday...and THEN, Tommy's wife Karen pretty much knew he would like one for Father's Day since he has been telling me, the entire time Ive known him, that I should make men's clothes. So it isn't a coincidence that their shirts are similar, however, it is a coincidence that they all wore them on the same day....let me tell you, I was one proud "tailor"  getting to make shirts for these rockin' dads.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there, and to my Dad, the best Grandaddy in the world!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vacation by Osmosis

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So, it looks like we are finally getting some summer weather around here...and I am sooo ready. I had to break out the cut offs to ring it in right.

Having NEVER been to Maui or any other part of Hawaii, I can only guess at the beautiful wonderland that it must be...I figure the shirt is the closest I'm gonna get for now. If I close my eyes tight enough while relaxing next to my daughters plastic wading pool, I think I can almost smell the Hibiscus....

t-shirt: thrifted $3
cut offs: DIY Levi's thrifted $3
leggings: H&M $15
sandals: Ross $10

Dorky ex-cheerleader pose: Priceless.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Posin' in Posen

So, I hope that everybody is aware by now about the boutique collections that well known designers are creating for Target, Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier being two of the more well know. The latest contributor happens to be one of my favorite designers, Zac Posen. Don't ask me why it took me a whole month to realize that his line was out...but when I did...Oh happy day ;)

I snapped up (to easy?)  this adorably versatile top along with a couple other pieces that I'm sure you will be seeing soon. It is made so that you can snap the tap together in whatever creative ways you can think of.

My snake and patent wedges by Poetic Justice....so excited for it to be warm enough to wear these again!