Monday, January 30, 2012


Isn't it great how a fun pair of tights can turn a tired and trivial outfit into something fun and flirty?  All too often I find myself reaching for my greys and blacks to put together an outfit. I decided that I would try pairing my bright tights with my trusty neutrals to give it a little excitement. Mission accomplished.

Speaking of "Trivial", this weekend a friend of ours celebrated his 32nd birthday and I was totally strapped about what to get him.  He and I have been friends since we were five and began our relationship when he and my sister were going to the same preschool and our mom's became fast friends.  We all spent many a night getting to know each other as our parents played Trivial Pursuit late into the night.  We are so lucky to still be close friends all these years later and often have our own game nights with he and his wife.  Our running joke is that as long as we aren't playing Trivial Pursuit, we haven't become our parents.

I saw this original TP game at one of our local thrift stores and knew i had to do something with it for him.  After pouring over the Internet I stumbled upon a clock made out of the board of a scrabble game. Originally I was going to use the board, but later decided that the box gave a great vintage vibe and made housing the clock mechanism much easier. I have discovered a new love for my glue gun, as of late, and that was virtually the only tool I needed to complete the project. You can find a clock making kit at your local craft store if you would like to try it with your own favorite game.


Lori Grimes said...

That is so cool Meg. You did a great job and Paul is lucky to have you in his life!

Miss Joyce said...

Making that clock from a TP is so special to Paul. The game brought good memories with nights of fun and many laughs for all.
Love you lots.....

Paul said...

For fear of sounding sappy, I'll keep it short--for once.

Fantastic gift--still blown away. The only thing more amazing than such a thoughtful gift is that I'm lucky enough to have family like you in my life.

I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you Meg (although I'm not the only one who owes you a "thanks" for that). You are the best!!!