Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cutesy Pop.

I kind of feel like Valentine's day is the one day a year I can get aways with a "cutesy" outfit. This definitely not at the top of the cute-o-meter, but with its bright colors and polka dots, it holds it's own.

 These days Dave and I seem to be living our days in shifts. Since he works a swing shift, he gets Charlotte going in the morning with breakfast, homework and then takes her to school. This Valentine's Day was no different. Charlotte has been obsessed with the "Cake Pops" infomercial lately, and when I saw them on sale in CVS I snatched it up.  Dave helped her with making the little round cakes and then she and I (read: me, solely at the kitchen table ready to smash said balls against the wall) candy coated and decorated them. I think they turned out kinda cute. It's a good thing because I will never do it again. Until probably next year.

After all the hoopla, she didn't even eat a single one. But, hey, they make great props.
I feel like she looks SO BIG in these pictures. Funny how sometimes you don't even notice them growing until you have them frozen in time.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Karen Tighe said...

So cute! We had so much fun on our Valentines date. We'll have to do it again soon. :)

Lori Grimes said...

Oh my she really is getting so big. How about you whip up a batch of those cake pops when Dede and Brent here....Totally kidding!

Anonymous said...

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